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All about Botox

The use of Botox injections is considered as one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures in the entire world. According to the American society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more than 20 million people received Botox injection in the year 2011. The following is an overview on all about Botox treatment.

What is Botox?

Botox is a popular name for botulinum toxin, a neurotoxin protein which is usually synthesized by the bacterium clostridium botulinum. Botox is very toxic but when used in small quantities, it can be very effective as a cosmetic solution and also an alternative choice of treatment for documented medical conditions such as cervical dystonia; neurological condition which causes uncontrolled contraction of shoulder and neck muscles.

The use of Botox was first introduced by Dr Richard Clark, a cosmetic plastic surgeon form California in 2002. In its initial use, Botox or botulinum toxin type A had a lot of controversy surrounding its use but all this was cleared after FDA approved its use.

How is botox used?

Botox is usually administered as an injection. The area to be injected is first cleaned using a non alcoholic cleanser such as betadine after which a topical anesthetic is applied on the injection site so as to alleviate pain that might be arise due to the botox injection.

Botox usually weakens the muscles in the process limiting muscle contractions and making muscles appear relaxed. This toxin usually inhibits neural transmission between the nerve endings and muscle fibers causing the muscles to relax. The effects of a Botox injection usually last for several months

Botox Injections from Dr Braun

Uses of Botox

Most individuals who want to know all about Botox are usually interested in its uses. Botox can be used for several conditions, these include:

* Reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles which tend to form as a result of the facial muscles contracting when an individual is smiling or frowning

* Reduction of age related wrinkles

* Decreasing nostril flaring treatment of uncontrollable blinking; its use in this treatment is controversial

* Treatment of strabismus; misaligned eye condition

* Treatment of dystonia which is usually characterized by uncontrollable muscle spasms in the neck and shoulder region.

Who is the best candidate for Botox Treatment?

This is an important subject for individuals who want to know all about Botox treatment. The most likely candidates for this type of treatment includeIndividuals showing signs of early agingPatients who have frown lines that give them a tired, angry or sad appearance.Patients who do not qualify or cannot afford cosmetic surgeryIndividuals with muscle related conditions.

However, it is important to consult a doctor before taking a Botox injection since the use of certain antibiotics and supplements can cause swelling and bruising at the injection site. Pregnant mothers and people with neuro-muscular problems should not get Botox injections

Side effects of Botox

The most common side effects associated with Botox include

Drooping of eyelids; this is temporaryNauseaHeadacheLocalized pain at the injection siteInflammation at the site of injection'Corneal abrasion due to the reduced blinking abilityAnaphylaxisCardiac complicationsInability to co-ordinate facial muscles

The price of Botox is 10 to 18 U.S dollars per single unit. However, an individual might require up to 15 units for treatment. It is also important that an individual should understand the risk associated with Botox treatment before going for it.

About the author:

Danny Duric like to research and upgrade his knowledge about health and fitness. Occasionally share useful information with others. Currently writing on behalf of a cosmetic clinic from Australia, that is doing Botox in Sydney, Australia.

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