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FAQ questions about Ray Ban sunglasses

It’s no secret that the Ray Ban brand has a rich, extensive backstory. In fact, their impressive history is probably part of the reason they are so successful. It has helped them to establish themselves in the marketplace, build up their brand and ultimately stay on top when it comes to eyewear manufacturing and retail.

However, when it comes to buying a pair of sunglasses consumers have a considerable amount of choice, especially when it comes to choosing a specific brand or designer. So what makes Ray Ban stand out from the crowd? We answer some burning questions that consumers are likely to ask or think about when it comes to purchasing a pair of shades.

Why are Ray Ban sunglasses so expensive?

Ok so the price tag might be putting you off buying those Aviators that you saw in Selfridges. With so many reports and news articles criticising designer brands for their ‘unnecessary’ expense, it’s hardly surprising that many customers feel that they’re about to get ripped off. However, the more expensive brands offer much more in terms of longer lasting wear compared to the cheaper high street versions. Often, by opting for the inexpensive option you end up spending more in the long run because you have to buy multiple pairs. For example, Ray Ban’s offer scratch resistant technology when it comes to lenses. Think of purchasing a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses as being a long-term investment.

Where are Ray Ban sunglasses manufactured?

Everyone knows Ray Ban originated in the USA. But why aren’t they manufactured there? In 1999 the brand was sold to Italian eyewear giant, Luxottica. Nearly all of Ray Ban’s models are produced in Luxottica’s factory in Agordo, Italy. However it is worth noting that some models are made in Luxottica’s two factories in China, meaning that not every pair of Ray Ban glasses sporting ‘made in China’ are fake. All of Ray Ban’s products are made to the same, high quality standard- regardless of which Luxottica factory they’re made in.

Do all Ray Ban models have a polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses are coated with a special chemical film that helps to reduce glare from the sun. Many of Ray Ban’s models make use of the technology like many of the other designer eyewear manufacturers. However, the easiest way to tell if the new pair of shades you want to buy have polarized lenses is by looking for their trademark ‘P’ sign. This can be found in the top corner of the lenses or the inner part of the ear band.

Do all Ray Ban sunglasses offer UV protection?

Ray Ban cares about your health as well as your style. That’s why all Ray Bans have UV protection; but models do vary. Whilst some models provide 100% UV protection others allow up to 25% of UV rays to reach the eye. Don’t worry though, it is very easy to tell which models offer the highest level of protection as Ray ban display this information on their product descriptions.

Which size frame do I need to buy?

Ray Ban is one of the few eye wear brands that make certain models in different lens sizes so it is worth checking out your face measurements before purchasing a pair. It’s probably worth mentioning that for 90% of customers, Ray Ban’s standard size is the right fit. If you’re in doubt however, check out Ray Ban’s Size Guide

How can I tell if my Ray Bans are fake?

If you’re investing in a pair of Ray Bans you want to know that they are genuine. Thankfully there are a few ways to spot a fake. Firstly, check for any nicks or rough spots on the seams of your glasses. The Ray Ban manufacturing process offers high quality so the frame should feel smooth. Similarly if your Ray bans feel very lightweight this can be a cause for concern as they should have metal support struts inside the arms that add a bit of sturdiness. The arms should also display a model number on the inside. Lastly look for poorly finished ‘RB’ etching on one of the lenses. Most models have the small RB trademark etched on the front. A fake pair of Ray Bans may not feature this, or the logo may appear smudged or sloppy.

Ray Ban continues to be one of the leading eyewear brands worldwide. Buy your pair of Ray Ban sunglasses today.

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