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What is a Body Wrapping Treatment?

Many people seek different relaxation and health-boosting activities. One such endeavour is known as body wrapping. Oasis Wellness Center & Spa invites those interested in learning more about what body wrapping is, the specific types of procedures commonly administered, how said processes are performed, and the potential benefits of undergoing such undertakings to read further.

Body Wrapping Overview

 Body wraps, also known as body cocoons and body masks, are treatments in which an individual's anatomy is contained inside nutrient-laden substances or liquids.

The Specific Types Of Body Wraps

 Several types of body wraps exist. Three noteworthy differentiations include mineral, hydrating and slimming.

Mineral Body Wrap

 This form, which is also categorized as a detox body wrap, is performed to help rid the body of toxins and other offending substances. Typically, those undergoing this treatment are covered in many substances such as seaweed, algae, mud or clay.

The Process

 Once said materials are applied to the recipient's skin, said individual is wrapped in plastic and a blanket for roughly a third of an hour. Once this timeframe has elapsed, the plastic is removed, and the wrapping substances are washed away. After all lingering residue has been eliminated, the recipient skin's is then applied lotion.

 Intended Benefits

 Body wrapping proponents maintain that detox treatments increase systemic blood circulation, which is believed to remove potentially harmful substances and infuse nutrients the body needs to repair itself and maintain optimal health.

 Optimal Candidates

 Industry professionals suggest that detox wraps should only be administered to persons serious about improving their overall health and ridding toxins from their systems. The most optimal candidates for this undertaking include individuals committed to making significant dietary changes and eliminating potentially detrimental vices such as cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption.

Hydrating Wraps

 Hydrating wraps are designed for revitalization purposes. Those choosing to undergo this technique will receive soothing products, softening and adding water content to their skin.

 The Process

 Hydrating body wraps are typically a two-tiered process. During the first phase, the patient's body is thoroughly scrubbed. The purpose of said actions is to remove dead skin. The second stage involves the application of various lotions and creams throughout the body's skin. Typically, the administrator massages the products deep into the recipient's flesh.

 Intended Benefits

 This effort is said to produce healthier, shinier skin. Additionally, said procedure might also help restore systemic water balance in individuals stricken with mild states of dehydration.

 Optimal Candidates

 The most suitable candidates for this form of treatment include individuals with skin ailments. However, said process might also prove beneficial to subjects prone to dry, flaky skin during the winter season or following excessive sun exposure during the summer.

Slimming Body Wraps

 Slimming wraps are aesthetic treatments performed to help recipients shed extra or unwanted girth.

 The Process

 The patient's limbs are thoroughly wrapped inside thick bandages soaked in solutions rife with important nutrients and detoxifying agents. Once the bandages are affixed, the individual in question is encouraged to engage in sweat-inducing activities such as exercising or frequenting an infra-red spa for a specific duration.

 Upon emerging from the spa, the bandages are removed, and the recipient's limbs are measured to determine the amount lost during the procedure.

 Intended Benefits

 If the effort is successful, the patient will reduce arm or leg flab by at least a couple of inches.

 Optimal Candidates

 These undertakings are best suited for persons looking to improve the aesthetic appearance of their arms or legs.

Where Are Body Wrappings Performed?

 In most instances, body wrapping is performed inside a spa under an esthetician's strict supervision, which are trained medical professionals specializing in skincare. Sessions can be administered individually or sometimes offered as a form of couples massage. In fact, body wrappings are popularly performed during couples massage sessions.

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