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Understanding What Hair Dye Does!

I use to dye my hair blue black and wanted to change it to red. When you color your hair the first time, you have to dye out your normal hair melanin color and replaced it with red dye. Therefore, some bats are marked with black hair dye and the other are marked with red hair dye. You see that luscious red head on the hair dye box and you think, "Wow! I'm getting ready to do that to my black hair and dye it red on top of that. But the red color is not going to come out exactly as seen in the model of the Hair Dye box. As a rule of thumb, the color you will get depends on your natural hair color. If you have dark hair, your red will come out a dark red, and if you have very light, or blonde colored hair, your red well come out flaming red! So, don't always believe that you will be getting exactly the same color as portrayed in the box.

After the bottle of hair dye is thoroughly mixed, work the dye from the roots out, making sure your hair is eventually completely and evenly saturated. It's up to those snarky and red-blooded potential customers to decide if they can see Maxim's roots in a line of hair dye. Heather Highlights throughout your hair can camouflage your roots and is safe during pregnancy because the dye doesn't come in contact with your scalp. That is dye build-up, the place where the hair roots meet the grown-out point that marks when a person first started dyeing her hair. Another big problem with hair dyes is "two week growth." The roots of the hair grow out to expose the graying hair look again in just a matter of weeks

Permanent hair dyes, the most popular choice among consumers, come in two categories: oxidation and progressive. Thus it may be concluded that it is hair dye that accidentally spilled over and has taken effect by oxidation. They are called Oxidation hair dyes because they contain Paraphenelenediamine, which is a basic constituent of these dyes.

Wear gloves when applying hair dye. Applying Vaseline around the hairline while dyeing is always advisable. Be sure to do a patch test for allergic reactions before applying the dye to your hair. Patch tests are best done by applying a small amount of dye behind your ear, where the skin is most sensitive. Avoid applying hair dye to eyebrows or eyelashes, or anywhere near your eyes.

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