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Can Dental Bonding Be Added to the Back of Front Teeth

Teeth bonding can boost confidence that’s missing due to having chipped, cracked, or stained and discolored teeth. It’s a procedure that repairs damage to your teeth, making it an affordable treatment in dentistry. Considering the results a teeth bonding procedure provides, it’s worth every penny. After all, who wouldn’t like looking in the mirror and watch themselves have a beautiful smile?

However, with all the information about dental procedures out there, people are put into a pickle. It’s not always easy to decide if you’re the right person to get it done. Dr. Ernesto Carmona from Austin Prosthodontics, a cosmetic dentist practicing in Austin, has informed us about the nitty-gritty you need to know before going for dental bonding. And we hope in this article, we have covered everything that might come in handy for you before deciding anything.


Dental bonding hugely helps people, especially those who have gapped, cracked, and decayed teeth due to some or other reasons. It’s a non-invasive procedure that doesn’t require much time but gives a lasting result if the patient cares to follow their dentist’s instructions.


Before the procedure, the dentist will examine your dental condition to proceed with the bonding steps. Once they are done with that, they will apply tooth-colored composite resin to your teeth. Your dentist would also pay extra focus on deciding the composite resin color closest to your natural teeth shade. He will then move to roughen your teeth’s front surface to apply a liquid that supports the resins to stick to your teeth. Once the resin is molded, he will shape it to match your desired result and harden it with laser light. Finally, he may shape and polish it to give you a perfect look that balances your facial aesthetics. And the best part? The procedure gets done within an hour at most and requires only a single visit to the dentist’s clinic!


To put it simply- No! Any dentist who practices applying and adding bonding to the back of the teeth might as well get their dentistry license get revoked.

It is a procedure that requires the application of tooth-colored resins to the front surface of the teeth. Dental bonding fixes any damage that mostly occurs to the front surface of the front teeth that are visible to the people’s eyes. Unless you’re a patient with severe damage to your tooth structure that requires dedicated restorative treatment procedures, bonding is the way for you to fix any dental issue. A proper and right dental bonding procedure should give you your desired result, lasting up to about ten years with proper dental care.


Dental bonding can be beneficial for you so long you’re getting it done under the supervision of a reputed and licensed dentist. But, if you’re someone who still can’t decide if you need dental bonding treatment plans or other invasive cosmetic procedures, it’s always better to get advice from experts who already possess knowledge about the same and have the solutions for your queries.

Dr. Carmona, a board certified prosthodontist, offers affordable treatment procedures for dental bonding in Austin after examining your condition. If you’re anywhere near Austin, TX, you know where to go to get your solution to any dental queries.

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