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5 Stinky Feet Remedies

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We’ve all been there before—a setting where you’re required to take your shoes off in public or someone’s home, but anxiety instantly hits. Why? Because you realize you’re going to have to unleash the horrors of your stinky feet that are smelly enough to make flies drop dead. Most everyone’s feet smell to some degree, but if yours seem to be especially odorous, then there are a few tips and tricks to try.

Smart Sock Choices

Bromodosis is the medical term for smelly feet, which is mainly a result of bacteria formed from sweat buildup. One of the biggest ways you can minimize your foot sweat is by the choices you make with socks. The best socks to wear are ones made from breathable material such as cotton or wool. Socks designed for sportswear are another good option since they typically are ventilated for breathability.

The next step is to make sure you change out your socks for a clean pair each day. Bacteria from sweat stays on the socks until they are cleaned, so putting on a used pair of socks is just as bad as if you were to wear the same pair of underwear the next day.


Your choice in shoes is just as important as your choice in socks. If your shoes are made of rubber or a similar material, then it will trap in heat, causing your feet to sweat more. So the next time you go shoe shopping, consider the breathability of the shoes before making any final purchases. Canvas material and shoes with ventilation are going to be your best options. When buying sneakers, look for shoes that are able to be put through the wash.

Wash Regularly

It’s crucial to make sure you’re washing your feet thoroughly and properly. Letting the soap that runs off your body and down to your feet in the shower isn’t going to cut it. Give special attention to scrubbing your feet at least once a day, and be sure to get between each of your toes for any lingering bacteria.

If there is tough dead skin on your feet, then try finding a foot exfoliator to take the excess skin off. When those tough spots become moist from sweat, it provides a target area for bacteria to form and reside in.

Foot Soak

Sometimes scrubbing your feet with soap just isn’t enough to fight the smell. For an extra cleaning, try soaking your feet in hot water and epsom salt. Not only do the salts bring out the odors from your feet, but they also provide natural healing properties.

Foot Spray/Powder

If none of the previous suggestions seem to be working, then you can try purchasing a special foot spray or powder that works as an antiperspirant for your feet. These moisture-wicking products work similar to the way any other deodorant or antiperspirant for your arms would. They are made to block the pores of your feet, preventing them from sweating and absorbing any moisture.

Sometimes bromodosis is the result of athlete’s foot, which is a fungal infection. If your feet are showing signs of athlete’s foot beyond stinkiness, then it’s advised to speak with a foot doctor such as Try out these tricks and remedies so that the next time the situation arises, you can slip off your shoes in public with a new confidence.

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